Asphalt Manufacturing

industrial landscape with rollers that rolls a new asphalt in the roadway. Repair, complicated transport movement.

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Phez Asphalt Construction serves the Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX Metroplex. We’ve been family owned and operated since beginning in 1977, so we’re never far away should you need something, even if it’s after the installation work has already been done.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. One way we go above and beyond for our customers is through our asphalt manufacturing, so our customers don’t have to have multiple points of contact for the same project. Plus, after surveying the driveway, roadway, or parking lot to be worked on, we’ll know exactly what type of asphalt mixture will be best for your needs. Since we have all the information, it’s just easier for us to use our expertise to create the perfect mix for your project.

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Road roller makes the paving. Road roller compacting asphalt. Roller Compactor on Fresh Asphalt.
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